About Us

“Front Toward Enemy!”

That is not just our slogan, it’s our ethos! Locate, confront and overcome the problem through skill, knowledge and determination.

Aggressive Defensive Solutions is a training focused organization. We have brought together instructors and operators with backgrounds from each of the disciplines we teach.

For the Law Enforcement Professional AggDefSol has several Virginia DCJS General Instructors, Firearms Instructors, and Defensive Tactics Instructors. We provide a full range of training programs for departments of all size. AggDefSol bring our training to you. Our Mobile Training Teams (MTT) will utilize your range or coordinate a range to provide the quality training you deserve.

For the Military Professional all AggDefSol lead instructors for military training courses are former military members. Each staff instructor is a veteran with ground combat experience to bring relevance and understanding to your training event. Our military courses are not about simply surviving on the battlefield – they are about wining.

For the Corporate Security Professional AggDefSol understands the constrained nature of the business world and can provide considerable value to limited security funding in today’s corporate setting. We have a unique mixture of instructor backgrounds which can cater to every aspect of corporate training from tactical and technical training to site security surveys and employee protection planning.

For the recreational and private shooter AggDefSol provides a full line of courses to introduce the novice shooter to the sport of shooting, whether your desire is target shooting or self defense. We also offer challenging courses for advanced shooters either in small group classes or private instruction. Leave you next class with more than the mechanics of shooting leave with the Combative Mindset.