AggDefSol team trains U.S. Navy Seabees at Fort Pickett, VA

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Aggressive Defensive Solutions had the pleasure to conduct training with the U.S. Navy’s UnderwaterImage Construction Team One (UCT-1) from NAB Little Creek, VA. As part of their pre-deployment workups UCT-1 spent several weeks at Fort Pickett, VA. In November 2005 AggDefSol submitted a bid to conduct training for the unit in conjunction with their normally mandated curriculum. Due to bureaucratic obstacles external to UCT-1 the contract was not finalized in time to take effect. The cadre at UCT-1 had met with AggDefSol and determined that they wanted some training from AggDefSol; so, we worked out a drastically scaled back training plan that allowed UCT-1 to get the most critical training within their very limited budget.

Ken, from Aggressive Defensive Solutions, and I provided two solid days of training with UCT-1 at Fort Pickett in late January 2006. Ken was chosen to assist with this particular class based on his background in urban operations, OPFOR operations and expertise with multiple weapon systems.

A long first day was spent covering MOUT concepts, building clearing, urban patrolling (vehicle and foot), cordon and search operations and CASEVAC/ QRF procedures. Several cold scenarios were run and several force on force scenarios rounded out the first day. That evening we got to spend some down time in an informal Q&A session with a few of the guys from the detachment. In addition to getting the information out there we felt fortunate to enjoy the company of our brothers in arms.


Day two kicked off with a live mission brief and a force on force operation out of the box in the MOUT facility. The gang from UTC-1 readily applied the skills that they had picked up the previous day and conducted a smooth efficient cordon and hit on an occupied building. We then moved onto the live fire convoy range. The guys paid attention and “drank from a fire-hose” to get as much information as we could give them. We covered anti-contact/ ambush scenarios and conducted vehicle bailout drills. The guys obviously took this aspect of the training seriously, which is proof positive of their professionalism and maturity. We then covered the concepts involved with shooting from vehicles while on the move. The rest of the day was spent at live fire with up to three shooters from each vehicle engaging targets at various angles and distances while on the move. At the end of the day Senior Chief Moxely and PO1 Eckroth thanked us for our assistance and said that AggDefSol was the right choice for the training.


The warriors from UCT-1 are truly professionals and were a pleasure to train with. As an instructor, satisfaction comes from the “light coming on” within the students and seeing them “get it.” That is what drives me as an instructor and AggDefSol as a company to be in this business. The attention to detail and willingness to learn and try new things is what sets us apart as a military force and the gang from UCT-1 is a fine example of that. AggDefSol is thankful for the opportunity to have trained with UCT-1 and certainly hopes to do so again in the future.


To UCT-1, be safe, be aggressive, and be victorious. Fair wind and following seas.

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Article by Ric.


Ric has seen 18 years of decorated military service in the United States Marine Corps including earning the Combat Action Ribbon for Action during Operation Desert Storm He has over 20 years of varied civilian law enforcement in a variety of assignments including: Uniformed Patrol where he served as a field Training Officer, Mobile Tactics Team member, Resort Area Operations, Firearms Instructor, and is currently serving as a Major Crimes Investigator.

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