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January 1st, 2006 Aggressive Defensive Solutions undertook a sweeping image change.
AggDegSol initially survived on small contracts and word of mouth. When Ric would teach classes eventually more and more student were asking how to contact us. In 2003 AggDefSol contracted out our web design to a local firm who delivered a small website that established our piece of digital real estate and showed who we were then. The site has not changed at all since its inception while AggDefSol has changed and grown considerably since then and we need our website to reflect those changes.
In December we undertook a complete overhaul of the website and worked to have it more streamlined and user friendly while maintaining the clean appearance of a professional staff that is dedicated to the highest quality of technical and tactical training in the business today. Join us at today.

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Article by Lee


Lee retired from the U.S Army in 2008 as a First Sergeant where he saw combat action during both Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. He led a physical security detachment in Central America; subsequently, ran a law and order detachment in Europe. Post 9/11 he was detailed with installation physical security which included both military and DA police training and operations, local and state law enforcement liaison.

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