UCT-1 and AggDefSol Return to Fort Picket

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UCT-1 and Aggressive Defefensive SolutionsAggDefSol and Underwater Construction Team One (UCT-1) just completed a high op-tempo six days at Fort Picket, VA.
UCT-1 brought Bravo and Charlie Detachments to Fort Pickett to train with AggDefSol in October.
UCT-1 began their evolution on the small arms range with a one day tactical shooting course. They covered the M9, the M4 and the shotgun. UCT-1 fired several thousand rounds working on weapons confidence drills, negotiating adverse angles, reloading techniques, weapons transitions, and proper use of the workspace. The warriors from UCT-1 left the course with confidence they could aggressively employ their weapons in a tactical situation.
UCT-1 moved to the M240B range and again AggDefSol provided a full range day. All of the M240B gunners were able to qualify on the U.S. Navy’s new qualification course and the A-gunners had a chance to familiarization fire the M240B, many for the first time. Ken, from AggDefSol, was able to transfer some of his armorer knowledge to the gunners to ease their maintenance concerns.
Days three and four brought us to the MOUT facility where we commenced cordon and search, building clearing, urban patrol/movement, vehicle bail-outs and building blow-through. The crew worked hard and put their minds to work. As usual the warriors from UTC-1 kept their heads in the game and picked up everything that we covered.
UCT-1 performing close quarters live fire drillsDay five saw us critiquing the convoy operations, bridge clearings and water borne operations of UCT-1. The lessons learned in previous training were utilized and again we found ourselves impressed by the professionals of UCT-1. The final day of training culminated in three “real time” operations in the MOUT facility. We watched and listened as the crews planned, rehearsed and executed viable and successful assaults and rescue missions against numerically superior forces. Bravo Zulu 

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Article by Ric.

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Ric has seen 18 years of decorated military service in the United States Marine Corps including earning the Combat Action Ribbon for Action during Operation Desert Storm He has over 20 years of varied civilian law enforcement in a variety of assignments including: Uniformed Patrol where he served as a field Training Officer, Mobile Tactics Team member, Resort Area Operations, Firearms Instructor, and is currently serving as a Major Crimes Investigator.

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