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This quarter we bring you the third excerpt from Ric.’s book Practical Defensive Handgun Employment.
Victory is far easier to attain if you prepare yourself ahead of time for conflict. Have a plan and have a back-up plan. Make your plans tentative and flexible, as the world is a fluid state. Acquire the tools needed for the conflict. These tools consist not only of the mindset, but also of the physical, emotional and mechanical means to do battle. Do not just buy a weapon. Buy it and train with it. Become extremely proficient in its use and familiar with its capabilities as well as your own. Do not just buy and practice with the weapon, carry it with you. Make it a part of your persona. The best weapon in the world will do you no good if it is secured in your closet at home when you need it. Search your soul and determine if you are emotionally OK with harming another being.
Surviving the ordeal is not enough. You must be victorious! “To the victor go the spoils” is as real today as when it was first coined. In a fist fight, the winner decides when the fight is finished, so too in an armed conflict. Make the decision to FIGHT before the fight happens. Make the decision to WIN before the fight happens. Do not stop fighting until you are victorious. You can’t WIN the fight, unless you are IN the Fight. Get IN the FIGHT.

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Article by Ric.


Ric has seen 18 years of decorated military service in the United States Marine Corps including earning the Combat Action Ribbon for Action during Operation Desert Storm He has over 20 years of varied civilian law enforcement in a variety of assignments including: Uniformed Patrol where he served as a field Training Officer, Mobile Tactics Team member, Resort Area Operations, Firearms Instructor, and is currently serving as a Major Crimes Investigator.

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