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The survival mindset is another facet of what makes us up as people. Some folks have it naturally and others do not. Fortunately, the “Survive” mindset can be taught, learned and cultivated. This does not mean that one must become a paranoid, camouflage clad conspiracy theorist living “off the grid” in a plywood shack somewhere. It merely means that you take a personal stand and reinforce it with your own determination to ”Do whatever it takes” to make it through any ordeal in which you find yourself. When conflict occurs, someone will be a victor and someone will be the victim. Where you start in the situation does not always remain where you finish. Your attitude, actions and determination will decide your position at the end of the conflict. Realize that in all likelihood the conflict is going to be ugly, painful, brutal, exhausting and deadly. Understand that YOU cannot afford to LOSE! To lose is to die.

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Article by Ric.


Ric has seen 18 years of decorated military service in the United States Marine Corps including earning the Combat Action Ribbon for Action during Operation Desert Storm He has over 20 years of varied civilian law enforcement in a variety of assignments including: Uniformed Patrol where he served as a field Training Officer, Mobile Tactics Team member, Resort Area Operations, Firearms Instructor, and is currently serving as a Major Crimes Investigator.

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