Todd Jarrett’s Surprise Visit

Nov 25th, 2008 | By | Category: Carbine/Rifle

In November 2008 AggDefSol performed an Advanced Carbine Operators Course for the Virginia Beach Police Department hosted at their Blackwater facility. The course was identical to the course AggDefSol ran in June for the VBPD, including classroom training, stress shooting, accuracy at distance, and culminating with team level live fire in the shoot house.

Todd Jarrett explains using a barricade for stability while Ric Sutton demonstrates the move.

The highpoint of the week was the surprise visit of Ric’s old friend Todd Jarrett who spent about an hour on the range with the class providing tips and tricks, and answering questions. Todd also gave the students an impromptu class on an improved grip for use with a barricade he is now teaching his students to help the shooters stability. Todd’s technique allows the shooter to have a very stable grip using only his support hand. We can accomplish this by creating an almost vise like grip between the weapon and the barricade. At AggDefSol we teach student to use barricades as cover and to keep off their cover, but we recognize Todd’s new weapon hold provides the shooter the ability to take the long shot with much greater accuracy. Thank you Todd.

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Article by Lee


Lee retired from the U.S Army in 2008 as a First Sergeant where he saw combat action during both Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. He led a physical security detachment in Central America; subsequently, ran a law and order detachment in Europe. Post 9/11 he was detailed with installation physical security which included both military and DA police training and operations, local and state law enforcement liaison.

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