Keeping Them Straight: Carbine Sight Swaps Made Easy

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various rail mount sights marked for correct alignmentIron, PRI flip-ups, scopes, red-dots, reflexive… you have them all and so do we, but how do you keep them straight? You zero a sight and then put it in your kit bag, six months later you pull it out to teach a class or hunt for bad guys and you have to re-zero your sight because you could not remember … was my EOTech on T10 or T18? What about the ACOG T1 or T2? I might not make a difference at 25 meters, but when we get to 300 or 400 meters, it certainly will make a difference.

The instructors at Aggressive Defensive Solutions use a variety of different optics and many of these are only used for specific classes. In order to keep all these straight and not blow the zero every time we switch sight systems the instructors mark the underside of the sight or optic with the rail slot number it was zeroed on. For example, my EOTech is zeroed with the locking bar installed on T18 and my ACOG locks on slot T2. The bottom of these sights are marked with a white paint pen, or labeler tape listing T18 and T2, respectively, that way all I have to do is look at the bottom of the sight, align it with the correct rail slot and then I can fire three rounds to confirm my zero instead of having to re-zero my sights. Saves time, saves money! Your thoughts? Comments?

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