The Body Armor Story

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So the story starts: …Armored Mobility called us and said “we have some really cool Level III plates.”

AggDefSol: Yea, you an about 100 other guys…
AMI: We’d like you shoot our plates.
AggDefSol: OK, shoot ’em with what?
AMI: What do you want to shoot it with?
AggDefSol: Everything. [9mm, 40, 45, .223/5.56, 7.62 x 39, and 7.62 x 51]
AMI: Ok!
AggDefSol: You know we are going to shoot your plate more than once.
AMI: Yea, we expect that. We were hoping you’d shoot two different plates. Our light weight SAPI-3 [3lb – not rated for m855] and the TAC3S.
AggDefSol: Ugghh, you know that’s going to be over 50 rounds in each plate?
AMI: Yes, it that a problem for you? And can you hit it with a sledge-hammer too?
AggDefSol: …not for us. Its your reputation. [yea, these AMI boys must be off their rocker…]
AMI: Great we’ll see you on the 15th…

Really, Armored Mobility allowed us to shoot over 50 rounds in their SAPI-3 and TAC3S plates today. Stay tuned for the results and watch the video.

can you guess what happened? …realistically, how would your body armor stand up to that beating?

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Article by Lee


Lee retired from the U.S Army in 2008 as a First Sergeant where he saw combat action during both Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. He led a physical security detachment in Central America; subsequently, ran a law and order detachment in Europe. Post 9/11 he was detailed with installation physical security which included both military and DA police training and operations, local and state law enforcement liaison.

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