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GunterGuns-cropLast Sunday I was joined by the guys from Gunther’s Guns at the C2 Shooting Center. They had some ammunition that they wanted me to test for them and give them my opinion. Based on our earlier conversations they brought specific calibers and weights to test.


A quick introduction of Gunther’s’ Guns is in order here. They are a new veteran owned company based out of Chesapeake and they make PRACTICE GRADE reloaded ammunition. Their current product line is specifically designed for plinking and working through drills during your training cycle. They are not currently in the Match ammo market. Their idea is to offer a cost effective high quality line of reloaded ammo for folks who like to shoot a lot. My kind of guys…


Based on what they design their products to do I ran my test accordingly. Again, it’s PRACTICE ammo. No vises or even bench rests were used in this test.  I shot all of the tests Standing position with both hands on the weapon at 3” dots from 5 and 10 yards. I fired 5 rounds at each target. My intent being that a 3” dot at 10 yards is a pretty good stretch for most rounds; so for a dedicated practice reload it seemed applicable. In 9mm I used a S&W 5906, Glock 17, Berretta 92F, Sig Sauer 226 and HK USP9.


Gunther’s Guns 124 grain FMJ at 5 yards everything was in the 3” dot with a <1” group. At 10 yards they all averaged 1.5” group with slight differences for printing in the dot. By comparison Winchester Ranger 124 FMJ at the same distance as and targets averaged a 1” group at 5 yards and a 2” group at 10 yards.


Gunther’s Guns 115 FMJ 9mm averaged a .75” group with center printing at 5 yards and 1.5” group at 10 yards with minor printing differences in the dot.


I shot Gunther’s Guns 200 grain FMJ .45 ACP from a Glock 21 and S&W 645. They produced <1” centered groups at 5 yards and a centered 3” group at 10 yards.


I also shot their .40 S&W 165 grain FMJ through a Sig Sauer 229 DAK. They resulted in 1” centered group at 5 yards and a 2” centered group at 10 yards. I had 1 bad primer and no failures to feed or extract during the entire test.

Having tested the product from Gunther’s Guns, I am happy to endorse them and am glad to say that they will be coming aboard as sponsors to the 2nd Saturday Series shooting matches for 2014. They will be on hand for your questions and I believe C2 is going to start carrying their product.


Bravo Zulu Gunther’s Guns!


Have fun, Be safe.

Ric. Sutton

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