Force Protection Consulting

In these troubled times we often find ourselves asking questions about our safety as well as that of our employees.

  • Are we doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our personnel?
  • What are our most likely threats from a criminal or terrorist standpoint?
  • Is our local security unit operating at maximum capacity and ability?
  • What more can we do to protect our physical and human assets?
  • Do our people know what to do during a critical situation?

If you have questions about Force Protection or Executive Security, we at Aggressive Defensive Solutions can provide the answers. Our staff of consultants and advisers come from a myriad of backgrounds including law enforcement and military security operations. We put their training and experience to work for you. We offer classes and seminars in the following areas and will custom design a program for your needs.

  • Personal Safety
  • Survival Mind Set
  • Threat Assessment
  • Executive/Travel Safety
  • Location Security Surveys
  • Situational Awareness Training
  • Executive Protection Team Training

Put our knowledge, skills, and abilities to work for you!

Because your best Defensive Solution is an Aggressive one!

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