Security Consulting

In this day and age security has become a primary concern of not only the military, but also business communities and private citizens. We at Aggressive Defensive Solutions are prepared to assist you with all aspects of security for our business and residential clients. Our staff consists of professionals with varied fields of expertise; military, civilian law enforcement and private security contractors.

For the military/ government aspect we provide consulting about physical security, electronic security, internal and external threats, threat assessments and threat mitigation countermeasures. Additionally, we are prepared to provide the best training available for your security teams/detachments. We also offer clinics pertaining to threat assessment and mitigation that are tailored to your staff.

For the business community we utilize our extensive experience in law enforcement to help you decrease your potential for victimization. Theft, robbery and embezzlement are concerns because they not only effect the operation of your business from a personnel standpoint, but they also affect your business profitability. We will assist you in developing a viable security program and procedures to maximize you efforts and lessen the impact of crime on your business.

Is your home or community as safe as it can be? What can you and your family do to make you less inviting to the criminal element? Our consultants have the answers to those questions. We look at your lifestyle, your home, work and recreational environments and develop a viable program specifically designed for you to make you safer.

Safety is important to everyone for different reasons. We at Aggressive Defensive Solutions are here to help with the security that is most important to YOU. Contact us about putting our experience to work for your benefit.

Because your best Defensive Solution is an Aggressive one!

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