Site Security Survey

In this day and age of high crime rates and increasing security awareness it can be difficult to know who to turn for sound advice. That is why here at Aggressive Defensive Solutions we have assembled a highly trained and qualified staff of experienced professionals to help you through such an important process. Our staff will answer not only the questions that you have, but also those questions that you may not even know to ask.

  • Is my home or business an easy target for the criminal element?
  • Am I or my family at risk of being a victim?
  • Are my employees safe?
  • What can I do to make my home & business environment more safe and secure?

Aggressive Defensive Solutions can answer these questions and provide you with the knowledge, skills and abilities to protect yourself. We offer consultations to corporate or community groups as well as physical security assessments of homes, buildings, properties and business environments. All of our security staff have firsthand experience in dealing with site/location security ranging from military security experience to civilian police experience. Our staff, as members of large metropolitan police departments, have specialized in Burglary and Robbery investigations in Tidewater Region of Virginia, so they are familiar with what criminals look for in a target. We will use their knowledge to your benefit. We are committed to your safety and security, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Pricing is contingent upon the scope of work.

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